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Sections and Section Chairs

Deadlines and Events Calendars

Important dates for Section Chairs and other Section officers are available on the Section Council Calendars page. Click on events to see details of who is responsible for each deadline or event. The calendar includes important dates for Section Chairs as well as Section Program Planners.

Section Officer Responsibilities

A chart of responsibilities for Section officers (Chair, Representative, Representative-Elect) is available.

Section Procedures and Policies

The Section Chairs Manual provides Section Chairs with everything they need to know about chairing their Section, including information on Section compliance, required reports, and more.

The Section/SIG Program Planners’ Manual provides all the details of planning programs for the Annual Meeting.

Additional helpful information for Section Chairs is available on the Manuals, Policies, and Procedures page.

Section Officers

Complete lists of section officers are available on Section web sites (see below). You may also access Section leader information from the MLANET members-area. Login to MLANET, select “Go to My Member Area” and choose “MLA Leadership Rosters.”

Section Members

Section membership rosters are available in the members-only area of MLANET on demand. If you would like to contact your new section members, see the Section, Chapters, Groups FAQ.

Section Web Pages

Cancer Librarians Section
Chiropractic Libraries Section (no longer a Section as of 5/13)
Collection Development Section
Consumer and Patient Health Information Section
Corporate Information Services Section
Dental Section
Educational Media and Technologies Section
Federal Libraries Section
Health Association Libraries Section
History of the Health Sciences Section
Hospital Libraries Section
International Cooperation Section
Leadership and Management Section
Medical Informatics Section
Medical Library Education Section
Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section
Pharmacy and Drug Information Section
Public Health/Health Administration Section
Public Services Section
Relevant Issues Section
Research Section
Technical Services Section
Veterinary Medical Libraries Section

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