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Guidelines for New Section Status

Guidelines have been developed to assist groups with special interests who would like to consider pursuing Section status. The information package available to interested groups contains the following documents.

9.1 Fact Sheet for Groups Seeking Section Status

This document explains what Section status entails, when it is appropriate to pursue Section status, possible alternatives, and the general procedures involved.

9.2 Procedures for New Section Recognition

This document delineates the precise steps to be taken to pursue Section status.

9.3 Section Petition Form

This form initiates the process. At least 50 signatures of MLA voting members are required, except that the Board may consider a petition with fewer than 50 when a smaller number of members are pursuing a specific interest which may justify formation of a new Section.

9.4 Form A: Questionnaire for Proposed New Section

This form presents in narrative form answers to questions concerning the future of the new Section. The completion of the questionnaire by the proposed new Section is required by the Section Council for the review process.

9.5 Form B: Evaluation Sheet for Proposed Section

This form is a checklist to assure that all the requirements for the new Section are met.

9.6 Recommended Guidelines for Section Names and Purpose Statements

These guidelines assist the new group in choosing its name and formulating its mission.

9.7 Provisional Section Compliance Procedures and Fact Sheet for Groups Granted Provisional Section Status

These documents alert the group to what will be expected of it as a provisional Section.

9.8 Time Required for Process

Because all petitions must pass through three decision-making bodies (Section/Special Interest Group Review Committee, Section Council, and MLA Board of Directors), significant time may pass before final action.

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