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Dissolution of Sections

Recognition may be withdrawn by the Board of Directors when a Section fails to comply with the above criteria or when:

  • A Section fails to conduct any programs or activities related to its purpose (not including the election of officers) for a period of three consecutive years.
  • It fails for three consecutive years to submit an annual report by the designated deadline to MLA Headquarters.
  • In the opinion of the Board of Directors, on the advice of Section Council, the Section purposes are not being fulfilled or are no longer relevant to MLA purposes and objectives.
  • A Section so requests.
  • A Section fails to maintain a minimum membership of fifty (50) for a period of three consecutive years, except that Sections existing on December 31, 1997 with fewer than fifty (50) members shall retain Section status. Sections established after December 31, 1997 that fail to retain a minimum membership of fifty (50) may petition the Board of Directors for continued recognition, providing all criteria for the formation of a Section continue to be met.  In determining the size of its membership and the names of all members, Sections participating in centralized dues collection shall utilize the membership counts and lists supplied by MLA Headquarters.
  • Section bylaws are inconsistent with the Association’s Bylaws.

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