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Candidates for MLA Nominating Committee

7.1 Selection of Candidates by Sections

Each Section may submit to the Council the name of one voting member of MLA, chosen in accordance with Section bylaws, as a potential candidate for membership on the MLA Nominating Committee. Representatives facilitate the selection process by advising their Sections of the timetable established by the Elections Committee for the receipt of all candidates’ names.

Representatives must obtain from each potential candidate a biographical statement and a signed statement of willingness to serve if elected as a member of the Nominating Committee. Each representative is responsible for sending the form for his/her Section’s candidate and a brief statement of the candidates’ qualifications to the Section Council Elections Committee Chair by February 15th.

7.2 Restrictions

No person shall consent to candidacy as a Section nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee who has already agreed to be a candidate representing some other unit of MLA, and no candidate shall also be a candidate for an elective office of MLA (including Council and Section officers). No one shall serve on the Nominating Committee as a voting member more than one term during a period of five years.

7.3 Selection of Candidates by Council

The biographical forms are posted on the Section Council Elections web site. The Chair of the Elections Committee notifies the Council when posted, sends a form to be used for voting, and the deadline for voting.  The person casting the vote for their Sections consults with Section leadership on the selection but does not get feedback from the entire Section membership. Each representative votes for six nominees. The voting slate is returned to the Elections Committee Chair by e-mail.  The Elections Committee Chair notifies the Section Council Chair of the results.

The six nominees receiving the highest number of votes become the Council nominees. In case of a tie, the Section Council Chair casts the deciding vote. If the names of fewer than six potential candidates are submitted to the Council, the Council will select additional qualified candidates to bring the total to six.  The election results are announced at the Section Council meeting at the annual meeting so that the names can be entered into the official minutes.

The Council Chair will keep the names of the first and second runners-up in case one of the six elected nominees is unable to run. The Chair of the Elections Committee will maintain names of two runners-up, as well as the Council’s voting records, for a period of three months

7.4 Election Results

The Section Council Chair submits the names and biographical forms of the six nominees and the two runner-ups to the Chair of the MLA Nominating Committee, who places the names on the MLA ballot. The Council Chair notifies Council nominees of their election by mail or e-mail immediately following the annual meeting. Representatives are responsible for notifying their Sections’ candidates if they were not selected by Section Council as a nominee.  The candidates will be notified before coming the annual conference, the results posted on the website, and the list sent to the MLA Chair of the Nominating Committee.

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