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CAPHIS Celebrated 30 Years at MLA 2014

Congratulations, CAPHIS, and thank you for sharing your photos from the poster session and your birthday celebration!

Section Poster Gallery – See What Sections Have to Offer

8 Sections submitted their posters from MLA 2014–check them out!

The Sections that submitted posters include:

  • Cancer Librarians
  • History of the Health Sciences
  • Hospital Libraries (plus the VALUES 2 project information)
  • International Cooperation
  • Leadership and Management
  • Pharmacy and Drug Information
  • Public Services
  • Research Section

Thanks to the Sections who submitted their posters to share! Here are some photos from the event, submitted by the Research Section and CAPHIS:







Section Value-Added Services Task Force Report

A Section Value-Added Services Task Force, chaired by Helen-Ann Brown Epstein and Janet Crum, was charged with determining the value-added services that each Section provides, such as grants, scholarships, resource lists, etc. The Task Force developed a survey that was sent out to Section chairs and past-chairs as well as SIG conveners.
The results of the survey are available in the 2013-2014 Section Council Annual Report as Appendix A and B and as a PDF.

Annual Report 2013/2014

Download the Annual Report 2013/2014 as a PDF

Section Council Annual Report


Goal 1: Recruitment, Membership and Leadership in the Profession

Objective 1: To increase interest and membership in MLA Sections and SIGs

Objective 2: To plan activities to enhance Section Council visibility in conjunction with Chapter Council at annual meetings Read more »

2014 Potential Candidates to the Nominating Committee

The complete biographical information for the 2014 potential candidates to the Nominating Committee is now available.

SIG Merger

Section Council has officially voted to approve the merger of the Outreach SIG and the Marketing SIG to form the Outreach and Marketing SIG.

Welcome to the newly merged SIG!

Help the MLA Bylaws Committee Help You

The MLA Bylaws Committee is committed to supporting the work of MLA’s chapters and sections to conduct efficient business meetings.  By March 1, we would like to know:

·     If your chapter/section has had difficulty or has not been able to hold a business meeting any time over the last three years because you could not reach a quorum.

·     Whether your bylaws call for the use of a percentage or your membership or an absolute number to reach a quorum.

·     What is that percentage/absolute number

The MLA’s Model Bylaws for Chapters and Sections recommend using an absolute number, and this is the recommendation of the MLA Bylaws Committee as well.    An absolute number is preferred based on the largest number that can be depended on to attend any meeting.

However, if your chapter/section is currently using a percentage, you are not out of compliance with the model bylaws as stated below and you cannot be required to change.  The model bylaws prefers the use of an absolute number.

Section 2. Quorum
____________ shall constitute a quorum of this Section. [An absolute number is preferred. “In an ordinary society … a provision of the bylaws should specify the number of members that shall constitute a quorum, which should approximate the largest number that can be depended on to attend any meeting, except in very bad weather or other extremely unfavorable conditions.” [Refer to the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.]

Also, if your chapter/section is making revisions to their bylaws be sure to refer to the Model bylaws and also send a copy of the proposed revisions to me as Bylaws Chair.  Please send this proposed change at least four to six weeks in advance of sending to your membership for a vote.  Protocols for revising their bylaws can be found on MLANET at


By March 1, please send your answers to these questions to:

Mary Helms, Chair
MLA Bylaws Committee
mhelms [at]

Proposed SIG and Proposed SIG Merger

Please give your Section’s comments to Section Council chair, Jodi Philbrick, by the deadlines noted:

Systematic Review SIG

Statement of purpose:

The Systematic Reviews Special Interest Group aims to

  • provide forum to share experience and knowledge on systematic review services and research
  • facilitate professional development opportunities on systematic reviews
  • promote standards for systematic review methods


  • Margaret J. Foster, MS, MPH, AHIP


  • Ahlam A. Saleh, MD, MLS
  • Susan Fowler, MLS

Comments due February 21, 2014

MLA Outreach and Marketing Special Interest Group

(Merging the MLA Library Marketing and MLA Outreach Special Interest Groups)

Presented by:  Deborah Goss, MLS and Renée Bougard, MLIS,

This proposal requests the merger of two existing MLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which  have operated discretely: the Library Marketing SIG with the Outreach SIG. The Library  Marketing SIG, formed in 2004, has seen a decline in attendance at MLA Annual meetings; however, there are some members who remain interested in the Marketing SIG. Rather than dissolve the Marketing SIG, Mindy Robinson-Paquette, former Convener and current Convener, Deborah Goss, approached Renée Bougard, Outreach SIG Convener, to explore the potential for merging the Library Marketing SIG with the Outreach SIG. Renée and Deborah sent emails to their respective SIG discussion lists in March 2013, to gauge member interest. Of 262 Library  Marketing subscribers, 11 members expressed interest in merging the SIGs. Of 190 Outreach subscribers, 6 members expressed interest in merging the SIGs. No opposition to the merger was expressed by members from either SIG, nor did members raise questions or concerns.

Additionally, the Outreach SIG has experienced a decline in attendance at annual meetings; however, there are interested MLA members based upon the number of discussion list subscribers, as well as member interest when calls for participation are issued (e.g. SIG members to review abstracts for MLA conference programs supported by each SIG). Although outreach and marketing are not synonymous, they have common elements which complement one another. MLA members have indicated in casual conversation that the annual MLA conference schedule is tight, and they are often highly selective in choosing programs to attend. A merger would provide members with one less SIG from which to choose. We anticipate that increased interest, participation, and activities will result from the merger.

Based on the support of both SIGs, we petition Section Council to permit these SIGs to merge to form the Outreach and Marketing Special Interest Group.

The purpose of the Outreach and Marketing Special Interest Group is to provide members with an opportunity to share information on successful health science library outreach and marketing programs and best practices, while acknowledging and supporting the idea that the development of programs must be based upon each institution’s management and organizational goals.

Effective outreach and marketing programs are vital to health sciences librarians. Nurturing relationships across our constituencies will enable us to enhance our resources to meet dynamic needs in an evolving digital age and remain current with changes in legislation, regulations, and the health information landscape. Connecting with diverse populations through our outreach efforts broadens our base and helps bolster support for libraries and their initiatives.

This SIG will broadly define outreach and marketing to encompass the individual as well as complementary aspects of each program. The topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tips and ideas for effective outreach and marketing initiatives
  • Writing a marketing or outreach plan, including identifying measurable objectives
  • Outreach vs. marketing: areas of similarity and convergence
  • Social networking, branding, image, etc.

The MLA Outreach and Marketing Special Interest Group will:

  • Serve as a resource for MLA members related to outreach and marketing
  • Promote awareness of literature and data to MLA members related to outreach and marketing
  • Promote professional development for librarians in these areas
  • Collaborate with MLA Sections and Special Interest Groups to develop relevant outreach and marketing programming at MLA

The merged group will feature one listserv which will be managed by the Marketing listserv manager, and a newly designed web site which will be managed by the Outreach web manager.  The projected listserv participation is 452 members (Marketing = 262 and Outreach = 190).

The co-conveners for the merged SIG through the 2014 MLA Annual meeting will be Renée Bougard and Deborah Goss. Both are MLA members.

Votes due February 20, 2014

New Latino SIG

The Latino SIG has been approved. Welcome!

Here is their Statement of Purpose:

Recognizing that Latinos comprise 16.3%* of the US population but are disproportionately underrepresented by the broader health community, our purpose is to lead efforts to acknowledge and address issues related to or affecting Latinos. Our goals are to:

a) Support and promote successful programs addressing health issues unique to Latinos.

b) Focus on diversifying the profession through scope and representation consistent with the demographics of Latino communities by developing programs in mentoring and leadership for Latino Librarians.

c) Advocate for Latino inclusion in library and scientific research to increase Latino representation in publications, policies, and decisions.

d) Establish meaningful partnerships with individuals, SIGs, professional organization, and community organizations aligned with our purpose.

e) Provide leadership directed at recruiting, retaining, and supporting diverse librarians.

f) Create repository of information on the expert skills and special talents and abilities of minority, particularly Latino, librarians in MLA.

g) Assist medical librarians and information professionals recognize and understand dynamics of Latino culture, including the diversity within Latino populations.

h) Help identify best practices in building collection and information resources in libraries and information centers to address Latino community health information needs.

i) Support the provision of public services to the Latino populations that our MLA constituency serves.

*(U.S. Census, 2010)


  • Brenda Linares, MLIS, AHIP
  • Diana Almader-Douglas, MA, MA


Mid-Year Reports Due Monday!

Mid-Year Reports are due Monday, October 28!



1. Include a summary of important decisions, significant activities, objectives achieved, and other important matters that occurred during and since the previous MLA annual meeting under the relevant goals in the MLA Strategic Plan and the priorities for the current year.

2. If a report contains a motion, the report should include the following background information:

a) name of MLA entity which is required to take action;
b) specific action to be taken;
c) costs, if any, which will be incurred and proposed sources of funding;
d) time frame for the action;
e) any documentation which will facilitate the Board’s decision-making process (statement of circumstances prompting the motion and/or past MLA action on the issue).

Use the following format for motion:

After the body of the report, leave two lines blank, then type the word MOTION (centered, bolded, in all caps).

Please remember to state clearly whether or not there is a motion.

If the report contains a motion to the Board, the first line reads….

MOVED, that the MLA Board of Directors…

If the report contains no motion and is information only, the first lines reads…


This report is informational and requires no action by the Board of Directors.

3. Committee personnel should be listed in alphabetical order; followed by consultants, if applicable; MLA representatives, if applicable; headquarters program director; Board of Directors liaison; and committee chair.

4. Limit your report to two pages.


1. Send your MIDYEAR report as an attachment to an email sent to Please to put the name of your committee, task force, chapter, section or allied group in the SUBJECT LINE.

2. At the top, put the name of your committee, chapter, section, or affiliated organization.

3. Leave two lines blank and then begin your report. Please do NOT indent paragraphs.